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Commercial oven repair services

Oven is one of the major and widely used appliance in the food industry and food related businesses – it is impossible to imagine any restaurant’s or café’s daily routine going on without the commercial oven. To keep it in top condition (which will help not to disappoint your customers!) we highly recommend doing a preventive maintenance – at LuxRepair we will be happy to schedule it for you. And if you have any signs of malfunction with your oven – don’t hesitate to call us. Most common troubles usually are:

  • Temperature disorder (under-heating) may refer to broken thermostat

  • Unreliable temperature readings may result as not evenly cooked food 

  • Failed thermocouple or safety value – if the pilot light doesn’t stay lit 

If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your oven or have experienced any other ones – give us a call and LuxRepair certified technicians will fix it as soon as possible.

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