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Commercial dryer repair services

Along with a washer, dryer machine is one of the extremely important units in the whole bunch of business – you may need it at the hotel or hostel, at the university campus and, of course, at common laundry rooms. And when it gets out of order it may cause quite serious consequences – from disappointed clients to the stop of business performance.

If your drier doesn't produce heat or gets too hot, isn't running at all or its drum doesn't spin - contact LuxRepair and we will run diagnostics and fix the problem as soon as possible.

We work with different types of dryers:

- Gas dryers work on natural gas or propane and usually are a bit more expensive and require special venting, but are cheaper in terms of running over their lifetime. 

- Electric dryers are easier and less expensive to install and normally are cheaper, plus the requirements for them are minimal.

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