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About LuxRepair

Hi-End household appliances need the highest level of service, so the choice of a suitable service center should be approached with special attention. LuxRepair has been operating in the American market since 2019, having a high reputation of one of the most reliable service centers in the top-grade household appliances repair service segment. A distinctive feature of the company - a special individual approach to each customer and understanding the specifics of handling luxury appliances. In the shortest possible time, LuxRepair professionals will help you solve any problem - each of our experts has vast experience in repairing elite household appliances, constantly improving skills and following the latest market trends. Do you need to replace the temperature sensor of your built-in refrigerator or to make a diagnosis of your washing machine? Just give us a call. Has your dishwasher malfunctioned or is there a fault in your wine cabinet compressor? Contact LuxRepair and one of our Las Vegas specialists will come to you to resolve the problem as soon as the request is received. The Company's priorities are attention, reliability and the highest quality of service. By contacting LuxRepair, you can be sure of the result - we guarantee it.

When you call LuxRepair you can always count on affordable prices and experienced technicians who definitely will help you with washer and dryer repair, refrigerator repair, microwave, oven and stove repair, heater, furnace and AC repair, as well as built-in appliances repair. The service call fee is $85 for the residential appliances and HVAC, or $95 for the commercial appliances and HVAC. However, if you choose to repair with us, service call will be absolutely FREE. You can schedule same day appointment with no-additional charge!

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At the LuxRepair we understand how frustrating it can be when one of your appliances goes out of order, whether it is a leaking refrigerator, broken restaurant oven, AC (furnace) that won't blow cold (hot) air, or a dryer that doesn’t dry as well as you’d like it to. You don’t have to cancel your plans or sacrifice your activities in order to shop for a new appliance and install it or wait and wait until someone comes and fixes it. Appliances and HVAC aren’t rocket science after all! At the Same Day Appliance Repair we thrive to make this experience as painless and quick for you as possible. Our technicians arrive at your doorstep the same day you called and at the time convenient for YOU. So you don’t have to wait for hours and hours and miss important events in you live!